Proofreading and Manuscript Preparation



I can proofread manuscripts, theses, articles, books, annual reports, websites, brochures and pamphlets – basically the written word in any form.

When your document is completed, I offer “a fresh pair of eyes” to check the spelling, grammar, punctuation, and basic layout to ensure any inaccuracies are corrected.

The proofreading service will:

  • check and correct punctuation, spelling and grammar

  • ensure the style and format are consistent (headings and font)

  • flag any conflicting statements, inaccuracies or inconsistencies

  • check page/paragraph numbering in the text, Table of Contents, etc

  • check for English and American spelling consistency.


Manuscript Preparation


I can also assist with:

  • compiling separate files into one document or dividing the whole text into separate chapter files

  • reformatting the manuscript ready for publication, ie, double-spacing

  • compiling a Table of Contents

  • compiling footnotes or endnotes and/or making sure they are in a consistent or specific format

  • making changes to a previous edition for republishing

  • checking the bibliography for consistency

  • scanning photographs for inclusion in the text.




I can send the document by email or make changes to hard copy by courier or post. Documents will have marked track changes included in the text for you to accept or reject.




I charge by the hour depending on size of the work or on-going contract. Contact me for a detailed quote.